About Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay, Sonasan

Courses & Departments

Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay, offers three courses to its students i.e. BRS, MRS and MSW. Learn more about these courses here.

Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay has 4 academic departments in the college.

  1. Agronomy Department
  2. Animal Husbandry Department
  3. Horticulture Department
  4. Rural Extension and Social Reconstruction Department


Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay is spread across 107 acres of land at Sonasan Village. Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay has its own college building including separate staff room for each college, a big common assembly hall with full A. V. Aids, a well equipped laboratory, a big library having about six thousand books and a mass of 40 periodicals, journals and magazines of different subjects and tests. We have also 3 classrooms for BRS, 2 for MSW and 2 for MRS with good ventilation. Three administrative staff offices for each courses, separate office for the principals, a comfortable guest house, three toilet blocks having 24 hours water supply in entire building.

The college building has an Agronomy Lab, Animal Husbandry Lab, Horticulture Nursery, Medicinal Plant Garden and Well Equipped Dispensary.

Accredited by NAAC and KCG, Gujarat

The college is working with the objective of getting excellence through Gandhian thoughts which are based on 3 hands: Head, Heart and Hands. The NAAC team assessed the college for its physical quality of imparting education for the tenure of 2015-2019 and accredited with Grade B.

Earlier, the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG) accredited the college for excellence in delivering education for the tenure of 2012-2015.

Affiliation with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University

The college was recognized in 1987 by the Govt of Gujarat and was sanctioned the Financial Grant in 1990. Later BRS degree was equivaled to BA (Bachelor of Arts) by the Department of Education, Govt of Gujarat. In 1998, we were given a temporary affiliation. Through the notification No. UGJ/1596/2313/KH-1 of Secretoriate, Govt of Gujarat, Gandhinagar dated 21stJune, 2008; the college has been given permanent affiliation with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan right from 15th June, 2001.

Campus Selections and Placement

About 50 to 60 students every year get their BRS degree from our college and most of them are absorbed in pesticides, seed producing, fertilizer industries, and NGOs as marketing staff or field workers. Some of them also take initiatives of starting an NGO of their own or beginning agro centers. Those who have successfully passed their BRS degree may also apply for Gramsevak, Extension Officer, Field Assistant in Govt of Gujarat.


  1. Hostels: Apart from their own facilities, Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay has Hostel Facilities for the students. The hostel has 18 rooms (each capable of accomodating 3 to 5 students), a dinning hall with kitchen and store fringed to the main building of the hostel. The ractor stays 24 hr with the students in the same building.
  2. Staff quarters: Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay provides residential staff quarters to our teaching and non-teaching staffs.
  3. Gaushala: Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay has availed a full fledged Gaushala (Cowshed) having 30+ milking cows. The cowshed has its own fodder godown and 10 acre area land producing green fodder.
  4. Irrigation Facilities: Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay has 4 tube-wells with necessary and sufficient pipeline and drip-irrigation facilities and overhead tanks.


Just to impart the scientific approach through education to the farmers in farming and animal husbandry, Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay also runs a cowshed (gaushala) in 30 units. The major objective of cowshed is to breed and protect the endangering Kankarej and Gir cows. The institute has its own residential college and hostel buildings. Sabar Gramseva Mahavidyalay is engaged in implementing the several programmes of the government regarding farmers and environment awareness programs, No-addiction Programs, Disease Diagnosis Camps, Blood Donation Camps, Animal Camps etc as an NGO.

Camps and Seminars

The college often arranges various camps and seminars such as:

  • NSS Programs
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • ખેડૂત શિબિર
  • Environment Awareness Programs
  • Youth Programs
  • Extra Mural Programs
  • Aids Disease Diagnosis Camp
  • Cattle Disease Diagnosis Camp
  • Drags and Addiction Control Programs
  • Women Empowerment Programs
  • Cultural Programs
  • Personality Development Programs

Extension Activities

  • ગાંધી વિચાર પ્રચાર-પ્રસાર
  • સ્વચ્છ ભારત મિશન
  • મતદાતા જાગૃતિ અભિયાન
  • ઓર્ગેનિક ફાર્મિંગ પ્રચાર-પ્રસાર
  • સ્વર્ણિમ ગુજરાત પ્રવૃત્તિઓ
  • Electoral Literary CLubs